Adapt exercise routines that work, for year-round fitness

While the weather is great, and daylight is longer, many find it easier to get on track with an exercise routine, shed a few pounds, and feel and look better. Of course, the desire to look good in more revealing summer clothing is also a compelling reason. Meeting friends for a walk in the park, boot camp class, pick-up soccer and basketball games with the neighbors, long hikes with the dog, and bike rides on the weekends, all sound rather idyllic in warm weather months. During cold weather months, however, it is important not to let the routine drop, but rather, adjust it, and take advantage of different options available in different seasons.

Keeping Fit Indoors and Out

Year-round attention to your health – and not just while the weather is good – offers more stability for maintaining a healthy weight and blood pressure, and keeping health conditions at bay. Bundling up may be all you need to keep the outdoors as an option, and picking out a new workout hat, jacket and gloves may give you some new-found inspiration to get out into the sunshine regardless of the temperature. 

Activities to Consider in the Wintertime

Without resorting to walking on a treadmill all winter, take some time to explore wintertime workout options in your area. 

  •          Walking and hiking are easy to do nearly anywhere with proper dress
  •          Park trails often become snowshoe and cross-country ski trails for winter
  •          Boot camps often find indoor gym space to continue training year-round
  •          Recreational volleyball, racquetball, indoor soccer, basketball may be available in your town
  •          Fitness class offerings continue to refresh and renew themselves - try barre workouts, stationary spin cycling, silk suspension, rock climbing and fitness dance  
  •          Lessons for snow sports like skiing and snowboarding are always available

Try to consider all of the ways you might enjoy getting some exercise, because those tend to be the best ways to get a workout. And then, if you’ve exhausted some of these ideas (and yourself), and are looking for more, jump on a treadmill, most easily enjoyed beside a friend or with your favorite movie or TV program to keep you going.  Most importantly, stay active and enjoy!