At-home exercise: Online content makes it simple to keep up when it’s hard to get out

Are you ready to put this winter behind you and move forward to spring? It would be nice to say that with the good weather coming in, you’ll surely be more apt to get outside for exercise and get yourself out to the gym more. But in reality, having workout options at home is a lot more practical.

Modern Technology

With access to the internet at your fingertips, you can dial-up all sorts of free active content that used to be reserved for the gym or outdoor workouts. Looking around you, perhaps you have at least one modern convenience that can open up new options for indoor activities and give you the perfect way to avoid skipping a workout. Do you have one or more of the following in your home?

  •          Smart phone
  •          Smart TV
  •          Tablet
  •          Online gaming system

If you’ve never had the reason or initiative to explore online, try typing in some of these key search terms into your browser’s search engine and see the multitude of images, print materials and videos with full on-demand access, that you can use anytime that you have the time.

Key Search Terms + Modifiers

Examples of Workouts by Type:

  •          Cardio
  •          Yoga
  •          Pilates
  •          Dance fitness
  •          Balance exercises

Examples of Workouts by Age Group:

  •          Kids
  •          Teens
  •          Adults
  •          Seniors

Examples of Workouts by Level of Difficulty:

  •          Beginner
  •          Intermediate
  •          Advanced


Apps and common social media platforms are also a great place to begin your search. You’d probably be surprised to see how many free and subscription-based trainers are now posting online content, which you can stream through any of the devices listed above. Some key terms to search might include: public access workouts, fitness, exercise and trainers.

Maybe you’ll find a trainer that you connect with – and with regularly refreshed content and often times, prompts and reminders -- this really beats digging out dusty VHS tapes and DVDs you might have sitting in your media cabinet.

Don’t hesitate to ask a family member to help, if you could use that support. Best of luck, and let us know if you find something you love.