Here’s a little food for thought…

If you’re like most of us, you sometimes find it hard to focus, get a little down from time to time or may even experience “brain fog” – that state of mind where your brain seems cloudy and you forget things. 

These are cues that your brain needs a little TLC. Just like your body, you need to keep your brain fit with good nutrition and exercise. 

Omega-3: Boosting your brain power

Omega-3 – like the kind contained in krill oil – can be very beneficial  for your brain. Studies have demonstrated that Omega-3s are proven to affect areas of the brain that influence mood, concentration and memory.

"A Happy Fat"

Omega-3 has been dubbed the “Happy Fat” or “Mood Food” because it can actually block cytokines, small proteins than can cause you to feel down in the dumps.

One 1998 study, led by Dr. Joseph R. Hibbeln, found that people living in countries where a lot Omega-3-rich fish was consumed experienced feeling low less frequent, compared to people in countries where fish was not part of the regular diet.

Baby Blues?

Other research has shown that women experiencing mood swings during and after pregnancy showed a remarkable change in outlook when they started taking omega-3 supplements on a regular basis.

Teenage angst?

Teens are under a lot of pressure these days and need to stay positive during this period of change in their young lives. Taking Omega-3 supplements can help keep their moodbalanced and their minds focused on important things like school.

Short Attention Span?

If you have a child who’s a wriggly worm, here’s some good news. Research has shown that children who take Omega-3 can show improved concentration, which can result in better performance during activities  such as reading.

Better Brain Power at Any Age

Omega-3 have been shown to affect brain health, memory and focus, at different ages and stages of life.  In fact, research suggests that a diet high in Omega-3 fatty acids may help keep the brain healthier as we age, possibly enlarging the hippocampus area of the brain – the area that plays a vital role in memory.

Healthy Brain Workout

Here is a quick to-do list to keep your brain fit and nimble:

  1. Exercise: it gets your blood flowing and sends oxygen to your brain
  2. Feed your brain: eat “clean”; avoid anything processed and eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and Omega-3 rich foods
  3. Phone a friend: stay socially active and keep your mind stimulated with social activities
  4. Use your brain: read, play Sudoku, do crosswords, learn a language… all of these types of activities will help your brain function

Ocean Remedies and Your Brain Health

Adding just one Ocean Remedies  Omega-3 Krill Oil softgel to your daily regimen would be… smart thinking.

Ocean Remedies supplements provide Omega-3 from krill oil, sourced from pure Antarctic Ocean waters.  They contain valuable brain nutrients, such as DHA and phospholipids, to help support healthy mood, memory, and attention.  Plus, they contain naturally occurring choline, a vital B-complex vitamin involved in memory function.  That’s in addition to other nutrients that support whole body health.