How to age healthfully? Discover our 6 advices

Healthful Aging

It would be nice if in reality, we could drink from a Fountain of Youth to reverse the effect of aging. However, in reality, we all have a responsibility that we must commit to, in exercising good judgment and keeping up with our health from various angles, so that we can maximize our health, and maintain our quality of life as we all inevitably go through the aging process.


Physical Activity

Moving every day is important. Exercise doesn’t need  to be rigorous, but movement -- including stretching, strengthening and cardiovascular training -- is essential to maintaining posture, strength, ability and independence, and also to preventing falls and injuries. Find an exercise you can enjoy and one or more friends to join you; this will only multiply the potential for success.


Nutritious Diet

Healthful food choices are made with every meal, every snack and every day. Plan ahead by seeking out menus and recipes using vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy, lean meat and protein. With efficient purchasing and preparing of your ingredients, you can maximize the timing in your schedule to minimize spoilage and increase your success. Make every effort to eat from all essential food groups and to secure essential nutrients, and consider nutrition supplements to help to secure and maximize the nutritional quality of your diet.  Omega-3s , for example,  can help support your joints, your heart and your brain.


Mental Movement

Keeping the mind active is essential to staying sharp and keeping on top of your game. Try daily activities to challenge the mind and keep lines of thinking, logic and creativity open. Reading, knitting, puzzles, games, crafts and fine art are just a few that fit within this category.   


Social Engagement, Community

Remaining engaged with friends, neighbors and community members can provide immeasurable support as people age. Find reasons every day to connect with people, whether through work or volunteer efforts, community activities or travel plans, and you may find that engaging with people regularly can be a very powerful tool.


Medical Attention

Be sure to seek out routine contact with your health provider to ensure all of your health needs are met. Health authorities tell us that with the right balance of healthful practices in life, we can do our best to maximize our livelihood and youthfulness, and to stave off the negative effects of aging.


Give it your best effort and perhaps the true Fountain of Youth will be within your reach after all.