The Power of Phospholipids

Omega-3 from krill oil delivers more healthy benefits to your body than Omega-3 from other sources, including fish oil.

Let’s take a look at the science of krill

Krill oil is loaded with phospholipids, commonly known as the “Building Blocks of Life”, that play a vital role in the construction of cell membranes, red blood cells, brain cells and joint tissue. In fact, every cell membrane in your body is made from the phospholipid form of fat. When we eat foods containing phospholipids, our cells recognize them and therefore use them more efficiently.

Fish oil, on the other hand, comes in fat-soluble “triglyceride form” and contains no phospholipids.

How phospholipids work so efficiently

Phospholipids dissolve easily in both fat and water, so they are easier to digest than triglycerides, which are not water-soluble and stored in fatty tissue, leaving less Omega-3 to travel through your body to perform its vital functions.

Phospholipids are quickly absorbed and carry more nutrients to the cells in target areas of your body more easily than the triglyceride form.  In other words, the Omega-3 in krill oil is more bioavailable because it is carried more efficiently by the phospholipids.

This is important because it determines how much of the Omega-3 in the supplements you take actually ends up where it is needed in your body – like your joints, heart and brain. A supplement that is supposed to be high in Omega-3 is only as good as the amount of Omega-3 that is actually being delivered for optimal health.

Get more from your krill oil

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