• Ocean Remedies Fish Oil 500mg

Ocean Remedies Fish Oil 500mg

Ocean Remedies Sustainably Sourced Fish Oil has clinically shown to deliver 3X more EPA and DHA than a regular fish oil*. The omega-3 fatty acids in  fish oil help support your heart, brain and eye health and maintain healthy levels of blood lipids**. Ocean Remedies patented fish oil does not require any additional ingredients for enhanced absorption.

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*Unpublished double-blind crossover pharmacokinetic clinical study comparing absorption of EPA+DHA in blood plasma between EE, rTG and MaxSimil fish oil.
** Oh, R. Practical Applications of Fish Oil (Ω-2 Fatty Acids) in Primary Care. J Am Board Fam Pract (2005) – this has cardiovascular, blood lipids, and joint benefits Van de Rest, O., et al. Effect of Fish oil on Cognitive Performance in Older Subjects: A Randomized, Controlled Trial. Neurology (2008) – cognition/brain.